IT Services

At Blue Sapphire Inc, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

We have a variety of services including:

Business IT Services
In today's demanding business environment which prioritizes flexibility, speed, and efficiency, a robust IT strategy is critical. We help you achieve these qualities in your IT strategy by providing you system integration, testing, application development and management services and solutions.

Application Services
For Consistent Business Performance, Performance Engineering is imperative to ensure the scalability of your IT systems. Software engineering achieves a higher level of maturity through performance-driven development. This software engineering approach focuses on performance across the software development lifecycle, from business requirements gathering to go-live. Significantly, it extracts maximum value from your IT systems by ensuring higher predictability, lower risks and improved productivity.

Custom Application Development
Often, the software that suits your specific needs simply isn’t available on the market. When packaged solutions and software aren’t sufficient or flexible enough for your enterprise, Blue Sapphire can custom-build to your specifications – efficiently and deliver on its promise of certainty.

​Application Modernization
Enterprises seek holistic solutions to address the costs and risks associated with migrating their legacy applications.
Blue Sapphire application Modernization Services help you embark on end-to-end transformation initiatives by modernizing the legacy applications to newer technologies with preferred architectures.

System Integration
One enterprise with multiple IT systems can result in confusion, inefficiency and decreased productivity. our experience and expertise transform your enterprise into one streamlined and optimally-functional entity.

We have end-to-end service testing capabilities across a variety of industries and products to do traditional system and regression testing to complex services such as testing of ATM machines, point-of-sale machines, mobile phones and embedded systems.

Offshore Development Centre
Create your own virtual IT department by using our intellectual and technical Create your own virtual IT department by using our intellectual and technical.

Onsite Software development Service
OSDS provides tactical support to a customer’s IT projects, and would serve to seed long-term relationships and can effectively demonstrate immediate benefits and cost savings to the customer.

Support Services
Support activities span across all or any select Level of Support. A well-established support process is available almost round the clock and ensure that nothing is more important than our clients professional commitments.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence (BI) facilitates businesses to perform management by “facts”. It helps in data-based decision making that would drive and improve the business and discover hidden trends. Blue sapphire helps you in your quest for business excellence with a BI-guided roadmap.

Business Intelligence & Performance Management
The business environment today is more dynamic than ever, with mergers and acquisitions, consolidation and regulatory changes. To succeed, an enterprise like yours needs to develop an ability to sense these changes, and thus respond to them quickly and smartly. Blue sapphire’s Business Intelligence & Performance Management (BIPM) solutions help your enterprise get agile, adaptable and efficient.

If you have any question concerning our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff will help you find the best solutions for you.